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Muthoni and Octopizzo take the dance party beyond the ceiling.

 MTV Africa Award nominee, Muthoni The Drummer Queen, from Kenya, introduces us to her alter ego, Bauss Lady, who dresses like a lady but spits sixteens like a man! And we love it.
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July 26, 2012, 6:45 a.m.
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Music Videos
​​A funky uplifting tune by Sage and Octopizzo, this one will definitely give you a fresh persepective and a put a spring in your step.
​​Music plays an important role in the lives of young Kenyans. Besides the traditional music there is now a new wave of artists with a refr...
Music Videos
​​An afrolicious dance track.
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Director: Purple Reel/Riyo Films
Country: Kenya
Language: English/Swahili
Year: 2012
Producer: Musyoka
Executive Producer: Bernsoft
Studio: Decimal Records
Artist: Muthoni The Drummer Queen feat. Octopizzo
Official site: Muthoni Official