Tabu (Trailer)


A grumpy old woman's last wish with the help of her maid and neighbour brings a stranger, and a revelation about her life of high adventure and romance in Africa.

 A film that moves effortlessly between modern Portugal, colonial Africa and dreamscapes, this art house piece by Miguel Gomes tells a great tale of adventure. A Portuguese woman finds out that her grumpy old neighbour had an exciting past, full of crime and romance and African vistas, when an old acquaintance comes to visit her on her deathbed with her Cape Verdean maid's help. This film won the Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival 2012.
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July 7, 2012, 7:27 a.m.
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Director: Miguel Gomes
Writer: Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo
Country: Portugal/Brazil/Germany/France
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2012
Cast: Teresa Madruga
Laura Soveral
Ana Moreira
Producer: Luís Urbano and Sandro Aguilar
Editor: Telmo Churro
Miguel Gomes
Tabu (Trailer)