Native Sun


A smart young boy carries out his mother's dying wish, to go to the city and find his father.

Mumin, a precocious young boy's mother gives him a photograph and instruction to find his father with her dying breath. This begins his great adventure all over Ghana. The film offers up a new way to view Africa as well as the opportnity to sample tracks off Blitz's latest album. This beautifully shot short film is an introduction to Blitz The Ambassador's latest album, Native Sun, a hip hop homage inspired by Blitz's first trip back home to Ghana for the first time in ten years.  
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May 27, 2014, 4:12 p.m.
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​​Kwaku Ananse the trickster appears both as a spider and man, in the story of a young outsider attending her estranged father's funeral.
​​Abila must complete seven tasks to get his father's soul back.
​​A young boy's version of events, when there's a deadly outbreak in his town.
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Director: Blitz The Ambassador, Terrence Nance
Country: USA/Ghana
Year: 2012
Producer: Embassy MVMT, Jakarta Records, Urban Entertainment and MoCADA