A 14 year old girl is pregnant. Her father is the last person in the world that should find out.

 A woman barely holding her family together, has to try even harder when her 14 year old daughter tells her she's pregnant and doesn't want her violent father to know.
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July 8, 2014, 9:31 p.m.
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Director: Mickey Fonseca
Writer: Mickey Fonseca
Country: Mozambique
Language: Portuguese
Year: 2010
Cast: Nelsia Laquine, Esperança Naiene, Tomas Bie, Francilia Jonaze, Hildizino Boa, João Antonio, Tania Antonio, Timoteo Maposse
Producer: Antonio Forjaz, Mickey Fonseca
Editor: Antonio Forjaz
Official site: Mahla Films Official