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Web Series
​​In our new segment "What are they saying?", we take to the streets to find out what regular Nigerians think about Nigeria now being the biggest economy in Africa.
Web Series
​​After the media circus around the wedding of Jonathan's daughter, Tinubu and Buhari decide to plan a wedding of their own: the bride, the groom, and oh yes... the iPhones.
Web Series
​​King Tinubu performs a spirited remix of Tyga's "Rack City"! Racking up the money: he knows it best.
TV Shows
​​In this show, security measures set up are being used in a manner different from that which was intended and the battle is on between labour unions COTU and PSETU, who shall be the champion?; among more.
​​The Red House Seven follows the adventures of 7 young friends as they navigate a typical African boarding school experience, with its pranks, toilet washing and puppy love... until they stumble upon a scandal that will change their lives.
Short Films
​​Jamin has to choose between his new shoes and football.